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"만약 오스 데비안 유저시라면 꼭 어드민에게 말해주세요! If you were a 'osu! Debian user', please tell admin!!"

How to connect to Redstar

  • First, you have to Register an account

How to play on Redstar (Windows Shortcut)

  • Create a shortcut of your osu!.exe:

    • If you already have an osu! shortcut on your desktop, create a copy of it and rename it to “Redstar”
    • If you don’t have one:
      • Find osu! in your start menu and click “Open file location”
      • Right click osu! in the file explorer and select Open file location
      • Hold Alt and drag osu! on your desktop
      • Click “Create shortcut here”
  • Right click on the newly created shortcut and choose “Properties”

  • Add a space and -devserver at the very end of the “Target” field

  • Open the “Redstar” shortcut and enter your credentials to log in to Redstar

  • A video tutorial on how to do this 1 is linked here

  • A video tutorial on how to do this 2 is linked here

How to play on Redstar (Steam Shortcut)

  • Add osu! as a non-Steam game on Steam
  • Right click on osu! on Steam and select Properties
  • Rename the game to “Redstar” and add a space and -devserver at the end of the “target” field

How to play on Redstar (Linux)

  • Open the script you use to launch osu

  • Add "$@" after osu!.exe if it’s not already present. So if it looks like this:

    wine osu\!.exe

    It will become

    wine osu\!.exe "$@"
  • Then, add -devserver when you launch the script. So if you launch osu! with:


    You can launch Redstar with

    ./ -devserver

If you only play on redstar, you can also replace "$@" with -devserver so you don’t have to type the server address each time

How to play on official osu! again

You can simply launch the appropriate shortcut to launch either osu! or redstar.

Please note that, for security reasons, the client will log you out each time you switch servers.

Having troubles?

You can check out out Legacy connection guide to use the server switched and https certificate to connect, however this method will be discontinued soon.

Also remember to check out our FAQ